Which one is Best? Windows or Linux?

Today in this article i am going to discuss the Advantages of Linux and Different Between windows and Linux If you are a window user and you want to Use Linux operating system  so keep reading this article this article is for you.

What is windows..?:

Windows are Graphical User interface operating system user can Use  this operating system easily also easy to understand Normal Human Language are in this operating system You can Easily Control your Windows by Window management User can easily resized the Windows in very short time Windows operating system are Design By Microsoft When i Buy a Computer from the beginning of time i use window operating system Windows are a open source platform user can easily buy this in this Form of DVD or CD Disk Now a Days all the Windows are avalible in DVD form Once you buy this Window DVD you can easily install this also if you to get Windows Online many versions are available on the internet.

Uses Of Windows:

In this Generation Windows are very Popular operating system every where people are using this in Offices , Bank, Homes people Use this Graphical User interface Operating the windows are made of made up High Quality and Easy Graphics all the Window option are Menu Base the Window Provides You a lot of application  which are very useful and use for General Purpose Work Through Windows you can easily perform multitasking You can Use unlimited application in the Windows at a Same Time.

Advantages of Windows Operating System:

Easy to Use:

User can Easily Control all the setting and options of Windows Operating system by the way Windows are very Simple the Design of windows are very Stylish and Comfortable any one can use this Easily at-least Children’s can also able to use this Operating system.

Software Performance :

when You install the Window Operating system you can install all type of  software and programs in very less time. Since the Software and Applications installation Performance is Very Better and Fast

Speed of Windows:

As Compare to other Operating system the Speed of the Windows are very fast you can run all types of Normal Games with a Good Speed While in Multitasking Processing the Speed will Remain Fast depend on Your Processing speed and RAM .

What is Linux:

As Compare to Windows the Linux Operating systems are very Complicated if you don’t Know about the Command Process You can not Use Linux Easily Linux is also a open source Operating system Linux Support Only Programming Languages  Like C++ , JAVA,Php, If you Don’t Know about this languages you are not able to use this operating system if you want to use  Linux Operating system then First Learn all the Basics for Programming Languages this operating system only supports commands.

Advantages of Linux:

Low Price:

The Price of this Operating system is very less there is also a Free Version of Linux if you are a beginner then the Free Version will be better for you also there is Paid Version of this operating system if you are a Professional and you want to buy a Premium Version you can easily buy this As compare to Windows the Price of this Operating system is very Less.

Good Performance: 

Linux provides are Very Good Performance to the user most people Use this Operating system in workstations and Software Houses Since the Performance and speed is very better and Good.

High Security:  

The Security of Linux of very Strong No One can Attack Easily to Your Personal Computer also all your Private data will be Fully Safe and Secure.

Useful for Programmers:

This Operating System is very useful and perfect for programmers it support all  type of programming language all over the Word thousands of programmers use this Advance Operating System Since this is Only design for Programmers and Software Developers

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