What is PN Junction Diode? Semiconductor Device

The term diode denotes a two-electron device a semiconductor diode is simply a PN junction diode which connecting leads or terminals on the two sides of the PN junction diode is a unidirectional device orbiting the easy flow of current in One Direction but it’s raining the floor in opposite direction a major application of diode is in rectification in conversion of AC to DC the semiconductor.

Diode is becoming more and more popular these days due to the smaller size thickness reverse place and higher operating efficiency the symbol of the semiconductor diode is shown below the error in the symbol indicates the direction of the conventional current flow when the diode is in forwarding bias from the positive terminal through the device to the negative terminal the sea side of the diode is always the positive terminal from forwarding bias is the signal the anode the inside is called the cathode and in the negative terminal when the device is forward biased the semiconductor diode make me either silicon and one Germanium the Silicon junction diode is similar in the appearance to the Germanium diode but differ in the properties Silicon diode have in general highest peak inverse voltage and the current rating and why the temperature range than Germanium diode the volt-ampere characteristics of a diode are illustrated below when the junction is in forwarding bias The Little current call the forward current flow until the forward voltage exceeds the junction barrier potential form. 74 size the characteristics follow an exponential loss with the increase in forwarding voltage-current increase almost linearly and the PN junction is started behaving as a resistor and when the voltage applied Exodus certain value extremely large current flow and the PN junction may get damaged due to overeating the practical diode has a very look forward resistance in case of silicon and the voltage drop 0.3 at all current level in forwarding direction when an ordinary PN junction diode is Reverse Biased normally only very small reverse saturation current flows.

Ideal when the junction breakdown and the reverse current increase abruptly as shown in below the current would be large enough to destroy the junction if the rivers current is limited by main of suitable phrase register the power dissipation in the form of junction will not be able to exceed and the device may be operated continuously in its breadth reason to normal level it is a form that for save table design die on the bed down voltage is very stable over the wide range of reverse current the quality gives the bed down may be useful occasion as a voltage differences the ideal diode present zero impedance to current flow in one direction and infinite importance in opposite direction

An ideal diode present zero impedance to current flow in one direction and infinite impedance in opposite direction the switch is closed when the diode is forward bias and it opened when reverse bias the main parameter of a diode is blocking and peak inverse voltage a freewheeling diode is a commonly employed in motor control system to provide an alternating path for continuity of current in the inductive circuit following the switching off of same power device between the motor and the supply source more zen diode also sometimes called a breakdown diode is a PN junction diode specially designed for operation in the Breakdown region in Reverse bias condition The breakdown diode maybe Silicon and Germanium one but silicon is preferred over Germanium because of high operating temperature and current capability then a point is also more in case of silicon diode this diode is analogous to get diode in which large current appear on reaching The breakdown potential the symbol of more zen diode is given below the diode is mostly used in electronic circuits this is similar to that of one normal diode except that the line representing the cathode is bend at both side the more zen diode Thor not of Krupa controlling device is quite often used as a voltage controlled in sensing device is mini motor controller

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