Tutorials on How to Use the Kit Lens?

If you are a beginner and you don’t know that how to use kit lens so you are in right place read the full article and i hope after reading the article you will be able to use Kit lens there are a lot of methods for using kit lens but i am going to explain some easy methods that how to use Kit Lens in these days a lot of people are trying to start  photography but they don’t know the basics uses of lens and camera.

What is Kit Lens:

Kit lens is one of the Simple and basic lens for camera million of peoples use this lens this lens is only design for normal purpose work most of small photographers use this lens because there is no extra features and menu Since any one can easily understand all the basics of this lens the optical Zoom and focus are fixed you will don’t have to change any setting in the lens just simply put the lens in you camera and start shooting images if you are a professional photographer this lens is not for you this because kit lens is design for beginners once you use this lens you will be able to understand and use all type of advance lens its focal length are fixed that is 18-55mm you can not increase its focal length keep in mind by using this lens you can not shoot professional and fantastic  photos because its image quality is very less also the price of this lens is very cheap every one can buy this lens.

How to use variable apertures mode:

The  apertures of lens is variable it means that you can select all the mode by your won choice you will don’t have to install any software an application if you are shooting in sun light there is also a wider aperture that makes the quality of image a little bit high through this variable aperture you can easily shot the images from very less distance while shooting from less distance the aperture will be automatically close and this is the main feature of the lens.

How to Shoot Sharp Images:

If you want to Shoot sharp images form different angles you can easily do this  just turn on the sharp mode in the camera and start shooting the image quality in sharp mode will be clean and pretty good but no a days people are not using this mode because it requires a very powerful battery if you camera battery is good and works for long time i suggest you that must try this mode.

How to use shortest focal length mode:

If you are going to shoot landscape images turn on Focal length mode and set you own focal length size but there is main problem the focal length size will be work in a fix range there is a range if you want to decrease the focal length size from the fix range if will not be work if range of focal length is only 18mm you can not set the value below then 18mm.

How to Turn Off Natural lighting Mode:

Once you buy the lens the  natural lighting mode will be automatically set this mode is only use for low-light  photography while shooting on Sun light you will must have to turn off the auto lighting mode if you are going to shoot portraits  images Turn Off this mode from the camera setting and start capturing the bright and clear images.

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