The Technology of 5G and its future

5G internet Technology is one of the fastest internet technology this advance technology will  change the history of internet in futures all over the world scientist are working for this 5G mobile broadband internet technology are also available in many countries but these are just running in test mode all the Work in this technology are not complete yet this Network will be made in artificial intelligence which will works in the blink of eye the speed of this internet will be out of mind billions of Dollars are already invested for this advance technology this Network will change the World in future.

Speed of 5G Internet:

The Speed of the internet will be So Faster then other Networks Brands User can easily download all type of Heavy Data in very less time after 3G and 4G  this will be the one of best and fast internet in many countries
this Advance technology internet are also avalible but in Asian countries 5G is not available the minimum speed of the internet will be more then 20 Gbps this technology is also called 5 Generation of internet now the 5G Internet Network is in the Trail Stage Experts are tasting this when Every thing will Done the 5G technology will be fully Launched for Public in all over the World.

Uploading Speed:

Specially of Content Creators this internet will be very useful User can easily upload every thing to internet in very less time the uploading speed is half of downloading speed which is 10Gbps. For Movies Site this internet Network is very helpful because all the movies contain very Large Space it can easily upload  to internet through this internet it will upload in just few minutes.

Live Streaming Speed:

Many News Channels and Social media Pages Use the Internet for Live Steaming in 4G internet the Steaming Performance was also good  but by using 5G internet the Streaming Quality will be more better the speed of Live Streaming will be up to 30Mbps For media Channels and Social media Pages this technology is very useful also for Watching Movies online the Speed will be very awesome.

Smart Phones that Will support 5G internet:

All the New Version of phones will support this technology if you have Old version of which operating system are Old they will not support this internet because this technology requires a New Version of operating system if your Mobile Phone version is above form Android 7.0 your phone will support this internet otherwise Your phone will not Support this Network before using 5G internet you will must have to update your phone or Buy another New Version of  Smart Phone.

Advantages Of 5G Internet:

 Faster in Speed you can easily download Every thing from internet or upload something you will Don’t have to wait for Downloading in the blink of eye you will Download everything which you want.
Very Large Capacity of internet the speed of 5G is So Faster then 3G & 4G it will also Stop the Latency all the videos and Movies will Load Quickly. It will also Consume the Mobile Battery by using 5G internet the battery will Works For Long time.      

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