Review & Specifications of Dell XPS Laptop

Finally Dell Launched a new laptop few days ago this is the first laptop of Dell that’s was launched in 2019 this version of laptop is one of the best and powerful  laptop now a days in many countries this brand is officially launched but i many countries this version is not launched but if you want to but this laptop in Amazon Store Dell XPS 13 is Now available below is some features of this laptop read it carefully before buying.

Display Performance:

The Display of Dell XPS 13 is 13.3-inch also the screen is ultra HD and 4K the widget of the screen is 302 mm if you want to buy this laptop of gaming and watching HD Movies this is very good laptop for you for video calling there is also high quality web camera that  2.25mm  the webcam performance is very better as compare to other model if you want to activate the  Alexa  feature on Display  you can easily did this since the display and brightness performance is very excellent.

Speed of Dell XPS 13:

Dual 2 core processor are planted inside the laptop the speed of this laptop is very awesome you can easily run all types of games in this laptop according to Dell CEO the said that in recent news that the speed of this laptop is increase more then 10 percent as compare to old version the operating system of the laptop is  Windows 10 that RAM of the laptop is 16 GB which is dual DDR-2 due to this fast RAM the speed of the Laptop will never fall down for all type of Work.

Internal Memory:

The system support two Hard Drivers at a same time the company provides you only 1 Hard Disk that is 1 TB but if you want to insert 2nd hard Disk in laptop you can easily do this but keep in mind before using second hard disk buy the Original Hard Drive if you don’t buy the original hard Disk of Dell it will never Works you can also insert up to 256 memory card in this laptop just like a mobile that is the main advantage of the Version Laptop.

Audio and Speakers Performance:

There is also Two high quality Speakers located on the left side of the laptop the sound of these speakers is very excellent if you want to increase the sound just install the MaxxAudio Software inside this software there are a lot of options through this you can easily set the Base and Loud of the speakers.

Keyboard and Mouse:

For Data entry and Typing there is also a very soft and  fast keyboard you don’t have to connect any other keyboard to laptop because its own and official keyboard performance is very awesome  on the bottom of the keyboard there is also a Touch Paid the touch Paid result is also very good it works very quickly but my recommendation is that always use the external Mouse this will be better for you.

Battery Life:

Once you fully charge the batter it will works for up to 12 hours  but you want to set auto brightness mode the battery will work for very longtime always change the battery when you use it for 1 Year if you want to add another battery there is also a second port of battery you can easily put second battery as a primary battery.

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