Review & Specifications: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm Lens

Today in this article i am going to explain you the main features of Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm Lens if you have a DSLR Camera and  you want to buy a powerful lens for you camera so before buying the lens read this article carefully i hope after reading this article all your doubts will be clear.

Primary Features of  Nikon AF-S Lens:

The Lens is one of the bright and fast speed lens the focal length of this lens is fix it can not be increase or decrease the normal focal length is 50mm with the help of this lens you can easily take all type of shots from different angles  through this lens you can also capture blur background images quickly if you are shooting hand held images you can easily do this because in this lens there is a hand held features for activation this feature just simply go to the indoor  menu setting and activate this features it also increase the quality of image i you are using Nikon DX model camera the this lens will be work very fantastic in the model camera because this lens is just made of the Nikon DX Model there is also Silent Wave Motor  in tie lens which is used for auto focus mode.

Lens Performance:

For Normal use the performance of the lens is very well and very awesome if you want to use this lens just for normal purpose work it will  works  very well  The Maximum aperture of the Lens is f/1.8 if you want to increase more the aperture you will easily increase it there is 7 elements groups in lens with are use for different type work the angle view is 47° this lens can not be rotate in 360 degree angle there are two focus modes in the lens one is auto focus and another is manual by my suggestion is that always use auto mote because it will automatically set the focus of the picture the performance of auto focus mode is so better then manual mode if you are a beginner and you don’t know about the setting of camera then must use the auto focus mode.

Main Features:

The minimum focus distance is 0.45 m if you are shooting images from 0.45 m it will automatically focus when you want to shot image form less then 0.45 m distance it can not be capture because the focus distance is set it can not be change The Dimensions of the lens is 72 mm while comparing in diameter the dimension is 52.5 mm the weight of the Lens is very Less which is only 185 g for this less weight it makes the camera more portable.

Box Accessories:

Once you buy the lens there are a lot of of special accessories in the box the company provide you a Front Lens Cap which makes the lens safe and secure also inside the box there will be a Lens Pouch and a powerful Battery charger

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