How to use the DJI MAVIC PRO Drone Camera? Full Guide

DJI MAVIC PRO is one of the powerful and compact drone camera if you are a content creator for shooting videos you will must have a Drone camera every content creator use drone camera of different brand but DJ Mavic pro is one of smart and popular drone camera no a days so if you are interesting to bu a Drone camera before buying the drone camera read the article carefully.

Box Accessories:

Once you but the this Drone Camera inside the box there will be be a lot of accessories they all are very useful for the camera before busing this camera set all the accessories inside the box there will be a powerful charger which full the battery in very less time if you are travelling in the car the company also provides you a Car charger you can easily charge the battery in your Car the company provides you a Two two powerful  Batteries you can use only one battery at a same time you can not use two batteries at a same time in the box there is also a Remote Controller with the help of the Remote Controller you an easily control the camera in the air you can also change the direction of the camera by using the Remote Controller inside the box there will be also a SD Card and a USB Cable.


The Design of the Drone camera is very fantastic it looks like very stylish and good the drone is very small in size you can fly this drone in every where the drone has also the ability to fold itself but it depend on space if the place space is low it will be automatically fold this drone has One  4K camera through this camera you will be able to shoot clear  video the image quality is also very awesome once you fly the drone and you want to land the drone it will be land very smoothly there is no chance of crash landing but if also depend on you experience if you have a little bit experience and you have the ability to control the Drone camera it can not be Crash.

Camera Performance:

The Camera of this Drone camera is very awesome which is fully 4K and HD the shutter speed of  DJI MAVIC PRO Drone camera is 8s-1/8000s which is very fantastic and amazing the shutter speed is very important for the camera through this high Shutter speed you can easily record HD Videos if the shutter speed id Low the image and Video Recording  Quality will be not Good there is also a Single Shoot Mode in the camera but many peoples are not using the mode because it requires a very power full battery power.

Battery Performance:

Once you buy the drone Camera there is a Powerful Battery in the Box the battery life of the Drone camera is very batter in other models the battery was not good but now in this new model the battery is full upgraded the batter is 3830 mAh which work for very long time once you fully charge the battery the voltage of the battery is 11.4 V

Flight Time Performance:

The flight performance is very fantastic you can flu this drone in very high range you can also set the speed of the flying by you own choice if you want to make it fast or slow you can easily set this just simple go the Remote Controller Setting and set you own time the maximum speed is 40 miles/hr you can fly this drone up to 7Km Range  but if the drone goes to more then 7 KM the Video Quality will not be good So Always fly the Drone in Only 7 KM Range.

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